Allegra Valve in Valve

ALLEGRA™ for Valve-in-Valve Maximizing the effect in small annuli.

The outstanding hemodynamics of the ALLEGRA™ are particularly important in small native annuli and surgical valves (ViV).

With its supra-annular design, excellent hemodynamics and radiopaque gold markers, ALLEGRA™ is also an excellent choice for implantation into a degenerative surgical biological aortic valve.

Its dependable release mechanism facilitates straightforward, safe and effective implantation while maintaining biological circulation.

These features enable safe and expedient implantation on the first attempt

Maximizing the effect in small annuli
Patients with small annuli derive particular benefit from the use of the ALLEGRA™ valve, due to the combination of wide valve opening and supra-annular valve plane. The ALLEGRA™ can be used with annular diameters as low as 19 mm in native valves and 16.5 mm in surgical valves. Even in these very small annuli, low single digit mean pressure gradients and high effective orifice areas can be achieved1,3.
Excellent choice for Valve-in-Valve procedures
The design features of the ALLEGRA™ make it an excellent choice for Valve-in-Valve procedures with low frame height and unique visualization of the new valve plane by 6 radiopaque gold markers.

Better in-vitro hemodynamic performance
ALLEGRA™ shows better in-vitro hemodynamic performance than other TAVI devices in the Valve-in-Valve setting. In-vitro comparisons have shown higher effective orifice area (EOA) compared to other intra-annular and supra-annular valves4,5.

Clinical outcomes

The VIVALL study¹ analyzed the technical feasibility, safety and performance of an ALLEGRA™ implantation after a surgically implanted aortic valve had failed.
The outcomes² confirm that ALLEGRA™ is particularly well-suited for implantation in degenerated surgical biological aortic valves.

11.6 ± 3.7 mmHg

The pre-procedural mean pressure gradient3 of 37.1 ± 13.8 mmHg was reduced to 11.6 ± 3.7 mmHg after the operation

0 %

total mortality

0 %

need for new pacemaker

1.4 ± 0.52 cm²

The effective opening surface increased from a baseline of 1.18 ± 0.58 cm² to 1.4 ± 0.52 cm² after 30 days

11881-000-EN - Rev.04

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